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The Bridge at ChrisLeigh Farm

Photo Gallery

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The Bridge at ChrisLeigh Farm The Bridge at ChrisLeigh Farm The Barn Barn is full of horses and is not available as an indoor reception area. 172386490 The Bridge The Bridge was designed and built by Mark Gregory, father of Debbie Aldridge, in 1986. 172386487 172386485 The Bridge The only Covered Bridge in Shelby County 172386486 172386488 172386489 172386491 172386492 172386493 Log Home Home of Sean and Debbie Aldridge is also on the property 172386494 Log Home Front yard of the log home 172386495 Canadian Geese Frequent vistiors to the farm 172386484 Footbridge Finally got the footbridge I have been wanting for years. 186212754 Footbridge over the creek Nice photo opportunity 186212755 Unique 5 porch swing set Sean and I built this in July and have really enjoyed swinging this fall! 186212756 189949625