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Looking for a unique birthday party for your child? Then the Amazing Race Party is perfect!! I do all the entertaining and you bring the cake and ice cream.

The Amazing Race Parties are held near Memphis, on 16 acres of ChrisLeigh Farm in Lakeland, TN. The games are mainly geared toward 10-14 year olds, but an adult version is available. Contestants age 6-8 still enjoy the Amazing Race, but must have a parent with each team. For contestants over the age of 12, a night time, flashlight version of the race is available. The contestants are divided into 3 or 4 man teams and given different colors of bandanas to wear to identify them as a team. A maximum of 20 teams can participate at the same time. For larger groups the number of contestants per team will increase.

Most Amazing Races take 1.5 -2 hours to complete depending on how much they run, how long they take to complete challenges, and the time taken to solve the riddles locating their next clue. There are red Roadblocks which are the game challenges that must be completed in order to earn the next clue. The yellow Detour cards are choices between two different challenges. The blue Route Clues take the contestants from one place to another. There are 10-12 challenges along the way, including a treasure map with X's identifying the location of their team flags. The contestants need to wear tennis shoes (or rubber boots if muddy), comfortable clothing, and really need to arrive on time, or even slightly early, so the race can be started on time. We usually don't cancel the race due to a slight rain. Actually, the kids seem to enjoy it more in the rain.

Amazing Race Parties are a minimum of $300, if there are 25 or less race participants and two helpers are provided to run a few simple challenges. If two helpers cannot be provided, then it will be necessary to hire extra workers and that expense passed to the host. For every child over the quantity of 25 there is an extra $10/child cost. For any other questions and party time availability, please send us a message.


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